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Donations to Wish Them Well are tax deductible.
Contact us at:
Wish Them Well
P.O. Box 98 
Spring House, PA 19477

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Who We Are:

Wish Them Well is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and is operated by a group of committed volunteers with the support of a caring and engaged local community.  Our mission is to provide access to safe, clean water to the people of Togo, a small country in West Africa.  Inspired and led by our founder, Amina Capaldi, Wish Them Well raises funds in order to build and repair wells in areas of northern Togo which have been underserved by other humanitarian organizations.  

Wish Them Well has provided water to more than 11,000 people in north Togo - but this is just the beginning.

The need for clean, accessible drinking water in Togo continues, and with your help, we’re prepared to continue building wells, one village at a time.  We hope you will join us in our mission.

Thank you to all of our supporters for making our

3rd Annual Walk-a-thon a success!


Check back for more photos from our 2019 Walk-a-thon!

New well built in the village of Koayoh,

completed in May 2018!

The people of Koayoh came out to celebrate during the drilling of their new well, overjoyed at the prospect of having reliable access to clean water.  Like the people of Sagbiebou, they were forced to drink contaminated water from unreliable sources and to travel long distances during the dry season, which was exhausting and dangerous.  The rainy season starts in June and brings with it even more exposure to waterborne bacteria, viruses and parasites.  It is our hope that completing this well in May means that the people of Koayoh will be healthier and happier throughout the upcoming rainy season and for years to come.

The new well at Koayoh was completed through the amazing fundraising efforts of the students at Northwood Academy Charter School in Philadelphia, PA, where our founder and director, Amina Capaldi, shared the story of her own experiences growing up in Togo.  Wish Them Well is humbled and grateful for these students' hard work and generosity.  We are thrilled to share the results of their efforts and hope everyone will be inspired as much as we are!  

Presentation of the Northwood Academy donation.

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Our founder, Amina Capaldi, with a Northwood student.

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Presentation of the Northwood Academy donation.

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New well built in the village of Sagbiebou,

completed in March 2018

Sagbiebou is located about 30 km from Mango in northern Togo and has a population of approximately 675. You can see in a few photos below that its residents were in desperate need of help as they were forced to rely upon puddles and ponds for water, making themselves vulnerable to waterborne diseases.  Additionally, as the dry season progresses, even these sources become scarce, forcing people to travel further to find water and exposing them to more dangers.  This well cost $7,500 and was one of our most expensive to date, due to the landscape and extensive drilling necessary--the truck had to dig down about 82 meters (269 ft.) before it reached the water source below.


Our founder and director, Amina Capaldi, visited this well in May 2018 and had a chance to meet the people of Sagbiebou. She saw firsthand how the new well has changed changed their daily lives for the better.  Wish Them Well is thrilled to have brought a reliable source of clean water to this community, and could not have done it without the generosity of the Montgomeryville Chick-fil-A, the Bader Family, and Langan Engineering Service of Doylestown.

If you or your organization would like to sponsor a well, please contact us at 1wishthemwell@gmail.com.

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Founder and Director, Amina Capaldi.
Founder and Director, Amina Capaldi.

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Well Repair in Koumongoukan

In October 2017, Wish Them Well funded the repair of a well in Koumongoukan, a village with a population of 685. The well is six years old, but has been out of commission for the past two years.  After 8 hours of hard work, fresh water began to flow once again, and the residents of Koumongoukan were overjoyed!


Yoga in the Park

September 17, 2017

Covered Bridge Park in New Britain, PA

Thank you to everyone who participated in our most recent fundraising event, a peaceful and restorative afternoon of family yoga!
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Well Repair in Tchanfieri

Long term sustainability of water wells is an important goal for Wish Them Well.  

Wells must be properly maintained so that they can continue to be a source of fresh water for the people who depend on them. In August 2017 Wish Them Well was able to fund the repair of a well that had been unusable for a year and a half in the village of Tchanfieri.  

Chic-fil-A of Montgomeryville, PA, a dedicated Wish Them Well Supporter, generously supplied sturdy, food-grade buckets to aid in the transport and storage of water from the newly revived well!


New well built in the village of Kante Tare, completed in June 2017! 

With your support, Wish Them Well can continue to bring fresh water to the people of Togo.  Please consider donating so that we can improve the lives of even more people!


Founder’s Message


Improving Lives One Well at a Time


As many of you know, I was born and raised in Togo, Africa.  I’ve lived in the U.S. since 1996 and I feel so fortunate to be an American.  I also feel a strong calling to help the people back home in Togo secure a very basic human need—water.


Access to clean water is a luxury for most people in Togo; their limited water sources are often contaminated with dead animals and other debris, leaving villagers susceptible to waterborne diseases from bacteria and parasites. These diseases can result in grave illness and even death.  Sadly, children are especially vulnerable.


Reliable sources of water are also scarce.  Northern Togo, where I am from, has only two seasons each year: six months of rain and six months of hot, arid weather.  During those arid months, it’s especially difficult for people to obtain water because all of the rivers—where villagers normally collect water—dry out, forcing them to seek out alternative water sources far from home.  Women and young girls search as many as six hours a day to find water, walking miles in the unrelenting heat with heavy buckets balanced carefully on their heads to bring water to their families.


When I shared the struggles of so many Africans with friends in the U.S., I was touched by how many wanted to help and started to think about the best way to transform this desire into action.   I knew, firsthand, how having access to a clean, reliable water source close to home could change so many lives for the better.  I still remember the days when I had to search for water in 100-degree weather with no shoes on.  I also remember what it felt like to carry water for miles with no food in my stomach.  I wanted to do something to help people still facing those same struggles.


In 2013, I formed Wish Them Well and began collecting money to build water wells in villages in Togo that have no access to safe drinking water.  Wish Them Well built its first well in May 2013 and continues to build and repair more every year.


With your help, Wish Them Well can provide even more Africans with access to safe, clean drinking water close to their homes.          


All donations, regardless of amount, help us work toward improving many lives and are greatly appreciated.


Please join us in our efforts to bring clean water to the people of Togo!  Thank you!




                                                                                                       Amina Capaldi

                                                                                                       Founder & Director

                                                                                                       Wish Them Well

Wish Them Well would like to thank all of the volunteers and participants who made the First Annual Wish Them Well Walk-a-Thon such a success!
We would also like to thank our generous sponsors for their support: